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Is there chaos in your home? Are you a parent that feels worried about your kid’s choices and behavior? Do you think they are going down the wrong path and are concerned? Maybe you lose patience with them because they “never listen” or “don’t get it”? Are you not able to understand and communicate with your child? Maybe you and your spouse are fighting because you disagree on how to raise your child? Or you may be a blended family and roles are undefined? All of these issues are common stressors for a family and can wreak havoc on peace and harmony in the home, especially if other siblings/family members are being impacted by the discord.
​Family therapy can be a welcome intervention for relief and support.  Family therapy offers containment and safety when dealing with such volatile experiences.  Family members often get heated in the moment at home because of frustration and being misunderstood by one another.  This can lead to lifelong resentment and family breakdowns.  Think back to when you were a kid and disagreed with your parents.  Did you feel powerless? Unheard? Dismissed? Overlooked? Perhaps criticized?  If you answered yes, I bet those experiences were unpleasant and you may be still impacted by them.  In our experience, most every person that enters counseling has some baggage from the past that is unresolved which is the reason correcting the current conflicts are so important.


“My sessions with Sandee helped open up the line of communication between me and my son again.  As he entered his pre-teen years, we hardly talked.  Sandee helped us open up and express our feelings to each other. We are able to communicate much better now.”  N.S. Parent

More on Attachment Theory:

​Drawing from the training “How we love our kids” , attachment theory is used to help challenge sometimes ineffective, programmed beliefs about happiness, parenting, and successful children. Attachment theory speaks to the experiences we have as children and how they impact our adulthood interpersonal relationships. For example, if emotions were not welcomed in your home as a child, then expressing emotions as an adult or recognizing pain in your child may be challenging. This way of approaching family counseling through the lens of attachment theory not only gets to the root of the issue which makes improvement more sustainable, but it also teaches practical skills and techniques as well. We also use teachings from Structural and Strategic family theory to address individualized needs. When a family has high awareness about their thoughts and feelings and are able to accept and respect other people’s experiences, the family can better self-regulate negative emotions, express them clearly and communicate more effectively which in turn creates peace, clarity and closeness.

A little about me…

Sandee Villeza, MFT, CSAC
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

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